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Thank You For Submitting Your PARQ, Please See Our Membership Agreement Below.

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Membership Agreement Form

OMNI has been designed to create a community within the gym of which we hope everyone will respect each other, the kit and the gym itself. Please find a list of rules/regulations below and read carefully so you fully understand and agree to these terms:


Gym Inductions - To attend OMNI Gym you are not legally required to attend a gym induction meaning we do not make these mandatory. If you decide not to take an induction then you are declaring you do not need one and hold full liability for your actions and outcomes within the gym. This meaning you can start the gym as soon as you have signed up and you can attend or arrange an induction if required. We offer group inductions at set times through the week but if you cannot make these or would like to arrange a personal induction please contact us via email.

Letting Non Members Or Others In The Gym – The FOB is issued to let you and only you in the gym. There are security systems in place to monitor this and if anyone is seen to go against this you will receive an immediate ban and your 1 months notice fee.

Cancellations - All direct debit memberships at OMNI are not on a contract as we believe in you staying because you want to stay and not need to.  However we do ask for a minimum of 1 months notice so we can cancel you membership and return your FOB key. If you intend to cancel this needs to be complete by emailing us on if you fail to give 1 months notice you will be charged for this month.

Stay Safe – All members will agree to have a mobile phone on them within reaching distance at all times whilst in the Gym so that in the event of an accident you can contact either us or the emergency services. By signing this form you hold full liability for yourself in case of an accident or emergency.

Respect The Gym And The Equipment – Treat the gym as it is your own by respecting the equipment, the members and the staff. This includes putting all equipment away once used, cleaning equipment with products provided and not abusing the equipment. We have built the brand and facility on respect and if this is seen to be abused you will receive a written warning and if continued followed by a ban from the gym.

Parking – The spaces on site that are joined to our building are available for members to use, it is a first come first serve basis so feel free to park where you like and if you face any problems please let us know.

Thank You For Completing Your Sign Up Forms. You Are Now Ready To Start At OMNI!

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